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Chad Hamm

In 2010, Mr. Chad, a father of 4 young boys, signed up two of his children in Taekwondo. Having previously attended classes in college, he was familiar with the benefits of Cardio exercise, mental and physical discipline. A few months later Mr. Chad joined Taekwondo realizing the value of spending time together with his family in a common sport. His family members that have been involved in martial arts includes 3 of his sons, and his wife. After earning his Black Belt, Mr. Chad enrolled in the Certified Instructors Program offered by the American Taekwondo Foundation and is a recognized instructor. Presently holding a 3rd degree Black Belt in Taekwondo, he simultaneously holds his Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Orange Belt in USA Judo. Training twice weekly in Headland, teaching three times a week in Ozark, Mr. Chad also works as a full time Registered Nurse in Dothan, AL.  Mr. Chad is owner & Chief Instructor of Refuge Martial Arts Ozark in Ozark, Alabama.
“Martial Arts Training and self defense education at a good school is priceless in today’s world. In today’s society where EVERYONE gets a participation trophy, find a martial arts school where you earn your belt, do the work, and stick with it. The reward is invaluable.” – Chad Hamm